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This journal is all but dead. I'll come back some day, but in the mean time you can find me at cuntraflow.

What's up my nigs

All the fun stuff happens at www.facebook.com/luxsaturnine these days, but I'll still be lurking around here reading your wah wahs so don't worry.

I'll be back.


Little miracles.

Everyone around me is having babies. I'm just getting drunk.

FaceBook repost. How sad is that?


I know what you're thinking. "There goes Lux Saturnine, King-Shit of Failed Relationship Mountain, trying to dole out advice like a retard. She must think I'm an idiot. I bet she thinks my haircut is stupid, too." Well it is. So sit down and read this shit because I am about to totally BLOW YOUR MIND.

You want to make a woman happy? Stop wasting your money on sparkly shit and dumb flowers and appeal to her primal, three-million year old instincts. Show her that you're a good provider. More importantly, show her you're not a pussy. All you have to do is follow my simple two point plan:

1. break shit

2. kill things.

Think about it. Back in cave man days, being able to kill a whole mastodon all by yourself would have been the modern day equivalent of being an extreme BMX biker who owns all the drugs in the world and walks around with a pet pegasus on a leash made of diamonds. It's a scientific fact and you'll be thanking me later when you're dying of vagina overdose because your girlfriend and/or wife has been reassured that you aren't a little bitch.

Break shit. Kill things. Be a man. Let me know how it goes.

Android Lust, then back home for vidya games and eating anti-inflammatories. Urngh. Stupid uterus.
If anybody watched "Treme" on HBO this week and wants to ask a dumb question about funeral parades or old black dudes in Big Bird costumes, now is the time. I will probably only volunteer for this once.